Project 2 : One Day

Project 2 is a crowd-sourced video all shot on one day

Wednesday September 21, 2016
The Last Day of Summer in the Northland
All students will take the day to shoot video in northland locations of their choice.
Please plan to shoot something at each of these times of day: Early, MidMorn, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. When you shoot a moment in the day, try to look for interesting light and shot types. Examples of shots, angles and lighting:
Do your best to capture a variety of shots… such as an establishing wide shot, a medium shot, a close up and several angles of the setting. Look for texture and intimacy in your angles. Try to capture a sense of place, but also a human perspective. Ask for permission to shoot people, or shoot from an angle that is more anonymous. Keep shots fairly short (no longer than 10 seconds?). We don’t want to overload everyone with too much footage to go through.
After you finish the Wednesday shoot, look at your video clips and select the best from each time of day to share in the class folder. Please try to get stuff uploaded to share before the next week, ok?
Upload the best of your clips to the appropriate folder…
Look for the folders inside the Project2_OneDay folder on Google Drive
On THE NEXT WEDNESDAY, Sept 28 we will meet in the Media Hub to edit the One Day videos. Each person will edit their own version of One Last Day… 30 sec to 1 minute in length.

Inspiration for a crowd-sourced project shot in one day…

One Day on Earth



Life In A Day: The 24th July 2010…. 80,000 Lives…. 4,500 Hours of Footage… 2 Award winning Filmmakers….. Now one incredible motion picture event. Created entirely from footage uploaded by YouTube users, Life in a Day is a film first: exhilarating, moving and very, very funny… it is the story of our world. Told by us. — (C) National Geographic

10.10.10 One day on Earth:

<p><a href=”″>One Day on Earth – Motion Picture Trailer</a> from <a href=””>One Day on Earth</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



Your Day. Your City. Your Future.

Vimeo Group for UMD filmmaking students

How to Join Vimeo

You can join Vimeo for free with a Vimeo Basic membership. ( 500MB/week of storage, Up to 25GB a year) You can later decide to upgrade to Vimeo Plus or Pro if you want more space and features.

Students in Art2040 need to join Vimeo this semester, and then join the Vimeo group for UMD Art & Design Students.

This Vimeo group is for students to share video projects and inspirations. If you are a student at UMD (University of MN Duluth), you are welcome to join and share here. Only members can see this group, so feel free to post your favorite short films for discussion!

Is Vimeo Basic just a free trial?

Nope. Vimeo Basic is perfect for individuals who want to join the community, but who might not be uploading tons of HD videos each week. If that sounds like you, you might never pay a dime for Vimeo. 

Viewing Assignment / Five Short Films

What makes a good short film? What types of stories and characters can be captured in this short format?

Art2040 Students: Please view at least 5 Short Films over the next month and take notes using the format below. Find quality short films… like Oscar Nominated Shorts and other award winning short films. View others you find on the web. Be selective.

Please Join Vimeo to help you start a list of your favorites. Then JOIN THIS VIMEO GROUP:

If possible, find works that relate somehow to your own creative work, as inspiration for a technique or look you hope to achieve. Try to use films that are longer than one minute and shorter than 15 minutes (though the definition of a short film may vary).

Make notes on your favorite shorts, type your reflection and post to the class folder once you have viewed 5 shorts.


Your writing/ reflection must note all of this info for each film (some of this info can be found online and pasted into your reflection):

Run time:
Link to the film : (URL of website, dvd, tv or movie theatre)
Story Synopsis:
Visual strengths:
Use of Light / Color:
Digital techniques:
Use of Sound / Music:

OVER THE NEXT MONTH, YOU SHOULD PLAN TO VIEW MANY SHORT FILMS and PICK YOUR FAVORITE 5 shorts TO SHARE WITH CLASS. When considering shorts to view, look for genres and techniques that represent your own aesthetic direction. You may include Oscar Nominated Shorts, check out some shorts from the library DVDs, or search links to many collections of short films on the web…

See links to Short films… (know some good links to short films? send them!)

Project 1 : Object of Desire

Digital Filmmaking: Visual Narratives
ART 2040 – sec 002   syllabus 
335 AB Anderson Hall

Project 1: Object of Desire / Light + Shots + Angles (20 sec)

Shoot on location in Duluth, capturing a sense of place, natural light, and a short narrative arc. Your video must include at least one person in addition to the “object of desire”. Create a short video with the subject “object of desire”. Use a variety of shot types and angles. (You must include least 10 different shots in 20 seconds) Use a tripod when shooting. Avoid handheld or camera movement of any kind. Focus on framing and composition of various shots. Subjects may move in or out of frame. Bring video clips to class next week for import and edit practice. Follow directions discussed in class. Your 20 second edit is DUE at the end of Class 2.

Examples of shots, angles and lighting:


resources: Camera Shots and Angles


If this was…

If this was a story about my life, it would be a ___________________ (genre / style), created by _________________________________ (artist/ director).
The story about my life would be ____________________________________________________________ (describe visual qualities and emotional tone).

It would be set in _______________ (era) in ___________________ (location). The pace of the story would be _________________, the camera work would be ______________________.

It would be the story of _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
(short synopsis).

In the project, my ________________ (family member) would be played by _____________________ (actor) and __________________ (actor) would play the love interest.
In the climax of the story, _________________________ would happen. This scene would feel very ______________(emotion) and be visually _________________ (look). The audience would be most surprised by the ending, when I _________________________________________________________.

Student Shorts at Duluth Superior Film Fest on June 4, 2016

UMD Student films, along with other videos by Emerging Filmmaker Project Duluth workshops will be featured this year at Duluth Superior Film Fest on June 4th at Zinema 2 in downtown Duluth.
Please put this date on your calendar and plan to attend!



The Duluth Superior Film Festival (DSFF) is an ambitious and innovative event that delivers film, music and art to the Twin Ports region. In its short history, DSFF has developed an exemplary reputation for presenting a distinctively imaginative and diverse line-up of international, American independent and regional films. Over 5 days this June 1-5, 2016 the festival will present an exciting slate of films, bring popular music acts, host many visiting filmmakers to introduce and discuss their works, and include an array of events, panels, discussions, and parties.

Don’t miss the screening of  Emerging Filmmakers Project Duluth Showcase at Duluth Superior Film Fest on June 4, 2016!

Emerging Filmmakers Project Duluth Showcase

From experimental animation to live action shorts, Emerging Filmmakers Project Duluth Showcase features original videos by area middle school, high school, and university students who participated in workshops and classes at University of Minnesota Duluth over the past year. In collaboration with local arts educators and regional film organizations, Emerging Filmmakers Project Duluth aims to help beginning filmmakers gain skills and confidence creating with moving media. EFPD workshops were funded through an Academic Affairs Public Engagement Grant with additional support from the Department of Art & Design, School of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Academy, and Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab at UMD.


Motion + Media Research Symposium

​Open to students, faculty and community members who are interested in emerging media, interactive design, digital storytelling, motion capture, and related research… Registration Link below…
Motion + Media Research Symposium
Friday, April 15 2016 at 10 AM – 3 PM
This one day symposium brings together artists, scientists and researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to share their creative work with emerging media. Sponsored by University of Minnesota Duluth, Motion + Media Across Disciplines Lab. Featuring Keynote by Dave Beck “The Convergence of History & Environment through Games & Animation” and Elizabeth LaPensée, Indigenous Game Designer, Research for Indigenous Community Health Center. Research Topics to include: Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, Interactive Environments, and Video Production. Open to students, faculty and the public by RSVP / Advance registration. Free lunch for those who pre-register.
To reserve your spot…
Register for the Motion + Media Research Symposium here:
Tentative Schedule for Friday April 15
10am : Welcome to MMADlab / 25 Bohannon Hall / Motion + Media Across Disciplines Lab Presentations
11am : Keynote in 90 Bohannon Hall / Dave Beck (UW-Stout) “The Convergence of History & Environment through Games & Animation”
Noon : Lunch + Networking
1pm : Elizabeth LaPensee Presentation on Indigenous Games, Speed research, Brainstorm session
2pm : Hands-on project demos, interactive experiences

Please join us for a one day gathering of interdisciplinary researchers… Presentations, speed research, networking, and project demos.

Facebook Event: