There are 3 parts of reflective writing due for grading at the end of the semester.

Please copy this text outline into a document and write about your tasks and experiences …




Please save your writing BOTH as a digital PDF (upload to class folder)

and a Print copy (print to hand in at final exam)



Your Name:
Project Title:                               Run Time:

Credits / your collaborators and their roles:

Link to your project on Vimeo:

Would you like your project entered in local film festival showcases?


Describe your own pre-production process, activities and tasks: (such as:
research, location scouting, test shooting, casting, script prep, etc)  


Describe your own production activities and tasks on each day of shooting: (such as:
wrangling talent, set up and operation of equipment, props/costumes/makeup etc)

SHOOT 1: (date, time, who was there? what did you do?)

SHOOT 2: (date, time, who was there? what did you do?)

SHOOT 3: (date, time, who was there? what did you do?)

What equipment did you use?

What shot choices did you make?

What challenges came up and how did you meet them?


Reflect upon your final edit of the short film project.

Did you create any special effects or animation?

How did you work with sound, music, voice-over?

What aesthetic and technical choices did you make to create a work?

What choices of shot types, rhythm, pacing, cuts and transitions did
you make as an editor?

How do you think these choices support the emotions or ideas you hope to communicate to your audience?

How did you create solutions when technical problems came up?

What works best about your edit of the final project?

What might you do differently if you had more time and experience?

Forms for Filmmakers


No Film School is a great resource for beginning filmmakers. Full of tips, tricks, and smart examples. Here is a link to their recent collection of useful forms for pre-production planning and other tasks…


Every Filmmaking Form You’ll Ever Need in 99 Free Templates

Storyboarding Blood Simple


Coen Brothers Storyboards on Youtube / Published on Sep 19, 2016

While preparing our release of BLOOD SIMPLE, photographer Grant Delin created a video that compares scenes from the film to their original storyboards, with commentary by Joel and Ethan Coen, cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld, and actor Frances McDormand.

Short Film Pitch / DUE Oct 19

Each student will pitch a short film idea in class on WED October 19, 2016.

Please read the info below on how to prep your pitch and follow the powerpoint format as outlined. No fancy templates or fonts please! Keep the presentation clean with good visuals to back up your cinematic ideas. Accepted formats: Powerpoint or PDF

Please UPLOAD to Google folder BEFORE CLASS on Oct 19


You will have 5 minutes to pitch an idea for a collaborative short film. Prepare an enthusiastic and engaging presentation of an idea for a film you would like to work on. Follow the checklist of points to cover in your pitch. Please keep your pitch under 5 minutes. Your pitch must offer an idea that is realistic within the timeline, technical tools, and financial limitations of our class. Films can be shot in multiple locations, but be realistic about the time it takes to plan and shoot.

SAVE THIS INFO to help you prep your pitch!

WHAT TO BRING TO THE PITCH: Paper printout + 10 slides in Powerpoint

Paper Printout: Please bring a one page printout that includes this info:


TEASER: Sum up the storyline of your idea in around 25 words or less. Introduce the characters, their conflict, and the genre or visual style.:

PLEASE PREPARE a SHORT POWERPOINT (10 slides) OR PDF Your presentation must include visuals to support your pitch.


Slide 1 : YOUR NAME


TEASER: Sum up the storyline of your idea in around 25 words or less. Introduce the characters, their conflict, and the genre or visual style.

Slide 2: GENRE / STYLE:

Describe the type of short you want to make, show visual example

Slide 3 : STORY / PLOT:

Short paragraph that expands on the Teaser.

Slides 4-5: Character Descriptions / visual examples

Slides 5-7 : Locations / Settings / visual examples

Slides 8-9 : Additional Visual Examples that support the type of cinematography, visual effects, look / feel of the movie you hope to make. Storyboards, character sketches, still photos.

Slide 10 : Special Issues / Time of Day for shoots / restrictions

MORE TIPS on Pitching Film Ideas:

Note Dates / Art2040 Fall16

Art 2040 Digital Filmmaking Semester Projects / due dates:

Project 1: Object of Desire (20 seconds) DUE Sept 7 – 14

Project 2: One Day / in one minute (30-60 seconds) 
Shoot on Sept 21, Clips DUE Sept 28, Edit DUE on October 5 
Note: on Wed Oct 12 Class meets in 24 Bohannon Hall MMADlab video studio for day as part of Creativity in Motion…Chromakey MMADlab shoot + Shakespeare Vignettes w dancers + actors from Theatre. Use studio cameras and chromakey green screen. Test camera shots using tripods, rigs, dollies, and various techniques for motion shots. (please upload raw clips from this session to Shakespeare Vignettes google folder by Friday Oct 19)
Project 3: Creativity in Motion  (share best rough clips early, your edit to one minute, Due Wed Nov 2)  Practice camera work in studio and performance settings. Work on getting a range of shot types, capturing with tripod for still camera and using rigs, dollies, and other techniques for motion shots.
You Choose Subject:
  • Shakespeare in Motion dance performance
  • Remixing Shakespeare Low concert
  • or other Artist in Motion subject
Project 4: Short Film PITCH / powerpoint DUE Wed Oct 19
Develop an idea for your final short film. Scout locations and logistics.
Pitch the project to the class. 10 slide Powerpoint pitch includes visual examples and inspiration.  (See details about Pitch project in other blog post.)

Vote for best ideas. Break into teams.


Project 5: Collaborative SHORT FILM Pre-Production + Shoot Schedule  

Team Planning on Wed Oct 26, Shoot dates during class: Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16 
All teams shooting done by Thanksgiving break
Work in teams on preproduction planning, and after greenlight, teams will be shooting on location (or in studio). This project should reflect your interests and aesthetic approach, work in any genre, either short fiction or documentary form. Flexible class schedule, but plan to regularly share progress during scheduled meetings w Joellyn and email update report after each shoot day.


Project 6: Your Final Edit / SHORT FILM 

(Rough edit DUE Wed Dec 7, Final edit DUE at Final Exam Time) 
Each student will edit their own final cut of the collaborative short film project. Diverging choices about sound, music, shot types, color, visual effects, and pacing of your individual edit are very instructive in the final screening. Please edit to 2 -4 minutes. No videos longer than 5 minutes will be accepted. Edit multiple director’s cuts to satisfy your curiosity about editing decisions.

Art2040 Fall 16 week by week

Wed Aug 31   Introductions / Shots + Angles

Wed Sept 7   Edit Project 1 / Object of Desire / in Media Hub

Wed Sept 14   View Project 1 / Object of Desire / “The Cutting Edge” video 

Wed Sept 21  Shoot Project 2 / Last Day of Summer / on Location

Wed Sept 28  Edit Project 2 / One Day in One Minute / in Media Hub

Wed Oct 5  Discuss Pitch Project / Brainstorm and Prep / Location Shots

Wed Oct 12  in MMADlab Chromakey Shoot / Shakespeare Vignettes / Creativity in Motion 

Wed Oct 19   Pitch Project DUE in Classroom / Powerpoints uploaded before class

Wed Oct 26   Teams in Pre-production planning /  or on Location

Wed Nov 2   Team Shoots / Progress Reports / Team Meetings w Joellyn

Wed Nov 9   Team Shoots / Progress Reports / Team Meetings w Joellyn

Wed Nov 16   Team Shoots / Progress Reports / Team Meetings w Joellyn

Wed Nov 23   All Video Shared to Team / NO CLASS / Thanksgiving break

Wed Nov 30  Edit in Media Hub

Wed Dec 7   Rough Edits shared in Class

Wed Dec 14   Finals  / Final Edits Uploaded

Project 2 : One Day

Project 2 is a crowd-sourced video all shot on one day

Wednesday September 21, 2016
The Last Day of Summer in the Northland
All students will take the day to shoot video in northland locations of their choice.
Please plan to shoot something at each of these times of day: Early, MidMorn, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. When you shoot a moment in the day, try to look for interesting light and shot types. Examples of shots, angles and lighting:
Do your best to capture a variety of shots… such as an establishing wide shot, a medium shot, a close up and several angles of the setting. Look for texture and intimacy in your angles. Try to capture a sense of place, but also a human perspective. Ask for permission to shoot people, or shoot from an angle that is more anonymous. Keep shots fairly short (no longer than 10 seconds?). We don’t want to overload everyone with too much footage to go through.
After you finish the Wednesday shoot, look at your video clips and select the best from each time of day to share in the class folder. Please try to get stuff uploaded to share before the next week, ok?
Upload the best of your clips to the appropriate folder…
Look for the folders inside the Project2_OneDay folder on Google Drive
On THE NEXT WEDNESDAY, Sept 28 we will meet in the Media Hub to edit the One Day videos. Each person will edit their own version of One Last Day… 30 sec to 1 minute in length.

Inspiration for a crowd-sourced project shot in one day…

One Day on Earth



Life In A Day: The 24th July 2010…. 80,000 Lives…. 4,500 Hours of Footage… 2 Award winning Filmmakers….. Now one incredible motion picture event. Created entirely from footage uploaded by YouTube users, Life in a Day is a film first: exhilarating, moving and very, very funny… it is the story of our world. Told by us. — (C) National Geographic

10.10.10 One day on Earth:

<p><a href=”″>One Day on Earth – Motion Picture Trailer</a> from <a href=””>One Day on Earth</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



Your Day. Your City. Your Future.