Lighting Tips + Tricks

There are some simple and cheap solutions to getting enough light for your low budget video project… post your findings here:

One of the best deals on inexpensive lighting is quartz work-lamps available from large hardware stores. They usually draw about 500 watts, and they are near daylight-balanced. Be careful: they use a lot of power. Keep an eye on the circuit breaker. You can bounce these off walls or ceilings or use them through an umbrella as you would an actual movie light.

links below…

By Scott Spears

Assemble Your Own Low-Budget Light Kit,
Part One by Scott Spears

Article Focus:
It seems that at least once a week someone asks the question, “How can I make my video look more like film?” In this article, Doug Graham puts forth a few pointers that might make your next job a little easier.

Filmmaking: Lighting part one (YOU TUBE)

Simple guerrilla filmmaking tutorial on how to design your own barn doors. A great addition to any low-budget filmmaker’s lighting kit.

Importance of Lighting in Movies


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