Short Film Project Ideas

Please post your thoughts, inspiration and links for the short film project here. Share an idea for a film you would like to work on and a few links to support your approach to the project.

Here is the trailer for Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry


6 thoughts on “Short Film Project Ideas

  1. I absolutely love the short films by director Niell Blomkamp (District 9) with the release of Halo 3 in 2007. The film is called ‘Halo: Landfall’ and special effects/props were done by Peter Jackson’s WETA (Lord of the Rings)

    Blomkamp became noticed when he released the short ‘Alive in Joberg’

    His direction and style can be most definitely seen by just watching the trailer for ‘District 9’ (which was his first full film btw)

    I also would like to add a movie intro would be really fun to make and something I’d be interested in doing working with After Effects. Here’s some of my favorite intros in film and my inspiration. (I also find a good score important and is often overlooked, I could work on something in Garageband too)


    The Terminator:

    Terminator 2:

    Terminator Salvation (very similar to T!):


  2. The trailer for science of sleep was interesting to me. It looks in this story a combination of animation and “real life” works. Many of the films I viewed were rather serious in nature, and I would like to go a different way with the film. I really like my idea of a homework “selling,” mafia style. Crazed intellectual goes to a mob boss and asks him to sell his homework to the highest bidder. Mob boss arranges a meeting with all the buyers… take it from there.


  3. I really liked the handheld aspect of this movie and how it really added to the movie and made it feel more real even though it is fiction.

    Paranormal Activity:


  4. Some short film’s that I love are actually long commercial for BMW. There are many of them out there all staring Clive Owen. Although, the point is to sell the cars, BMW, they also have stories. One of my favorites has a comedy twist to it, making fun of Madonna. I love the way they have Owen talk with close shots, and then many different angles throughout the films. I like that some are comedies and others not.

    (this is the Madonna one, but there are plenty more that are good to watch, Beat the Devil, based off the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” also very good).


  5. I liked the trailer for the Science of Sleep, it seems that many French films today are inventive, creative, and artistic, such as the French film Amelie.

    For the film idea I would not mind taking a look at Luke’s “Deranged”? With thoughts from the movie “Max Payne. The trailer is not completely indicative, but script wise it could serve as good inspiration.


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