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Select a local LOCATION for your MASH’TASH project. The location must have public access and be a place you can pinpoint on a google map. Share your idea for a location on the blog comments here. (about 150 words, where/ what / who / why is this the location that you want to develop?) Scout location for Mash’Tash project by visiting with camera to shoot stills and video clips. Scout best times of day for interesting lighting options and camera angles. Provide 10-20 horizontal stills of your location that show your understanding of the range of possible camera shots and angles. Have these images ready to share at the second class. Plan for character/ story elements that make the most of location. Think about character and integration of MASH’TASH rules.

PROMPTS / QUESTIONS to help identify interesting locations:


…Find Trouble?

…Fall in Love?

…Drown a Sorrow?

…Right a Wrong?

…Save a Soul?

…Win a Friendship?

…Break a Heart?

…Toast a Victory?

…Dance the Night Away?

…Howl at the Moon?

…Scratch an Itch?

…Mend a Fence?

…Take a Stand?

…Catch Some Air?

…Warm your Toes?

…Meet Your Destiny?

…Wage a Battle?

…Duel at Dawn?

…Do a Good Deed?

…Hear the Mermaids Singing?

… etc


14 thoughts on “Spring 2015 > Blog # 2 / MASH’TASH Locations

  1. Anna Frank
    sec 001
    I was hoping to use the bagley nature area for my Mash ‘rash project. I idea is that my dog is going on an adventure through the woods, looking for something, it either being food or her lost owner. I feel like a wooded area would be good for this type of story. I want to make the film sort of intense, kind of like in the style of jaws, where you can’t really see the character, up till the end, where you run into either the food or the owner, and they get “attacked” by the adorable little puppy, resulting in a climax of comic relief. I feel like it would be interesting to try in a night setting, but i feel like mid-day lighting (especially in this weather) would be good.


  2. I chose the location called Gods Peak in Duluth, MN. I’m not sure if that’s what my friends call it or it’s actually called that, but it’s about 8 miles from the University of Minnesota Duluth by Exhibition Drive. From the campus, you head south towards College Street, take 35-S ramp to 21st Ave W to Piedmont Ave to Hutchinson Rd onto Exhibition Drive. I chose it, because it’s one of the most beautiful places and one of the first places I went when I was here in Duluth for my first year of College. It’s a place where I go to walk around, read a book, have a picnic, or just go to look at Duluth in full. I feel like this place would be a good place to develop a short film, because of the beautiful scenery, the textures of the rocks and trees, the quietness of the area around. I plan to shoot late morning/afternoon since there is no lights available up on the hill. I’m not entirely sure what my whole plan will be, but I plan to maybe do a comedy including a picnic, one of my friends, and food that is wearing mustaches.


  3. I chose the shores of Lake Superior for my video.
    When I first moved to Duluth, my boyfriend and I loved to explore the (then new to us) landscape. Our favorite thing to do was taking our dog Dudley to the beach to let him swim.
    The lake may be frozen over now, but it’s still beautiful, and it’s still our favorite place!


  4. I chose Amity Creek / Seven Bridges for my short.
    Whenever I get particularly stressed out, I like to drive along the Seven Bridges road. Zooming around the forest, isolated from people, calms me down and helps me sort out my problems.

    Since it was blisteringly cold, I didn’t want to force anyone out into the cold or be out there any longer than I had to be. I also have a habit of using unconventional puppets, so a little rock with eyes seemed like a fun and convenient idea.


  5. Mitchell Ringness

    For my location I chose the weight-lifting room at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. I decided on this particular location because of how important personal health and fitness is to me, and because I was very familiar with this environment and therefore felt comfortable to film there. I enlisted the help of my friend (the female in the video) to co-star in my film, with me starring as the main character. I incorporated a number of different machines that are at the gym, as well as a multitude of different locations such as the cardio floor and weight-lifting floor. I was pretty happy with how my film turned out, and was equally proud that I was able to get the short-film down to 30 seconds long!



  6. Ryan Gilman

    Leif Erikson Park is the place I chose for my MASH’TASH. I did this because there is a cool castle there and I thought it would make for an interesting video. There are no castles in the cities where I grew up so it was a new experience for me.
    It really gave me the feel of what Duluth is like the day that I was walking down lakewalk and came around a corner to see a castle/stage emerge from the trees. So that being my first real feel of what this place is like, I decided it would make a good subject for my film.


  7. I picked this location because it was one of the first places that I first found when I moved to Duluth. I was drawn to it because it reminded me of my little home town. This park is surrounded by homes probably to families which was how the park in home my town was like as well. I thought that having a character such as Jim would fit in well here due to the fact that it is a place for younger people and Jim has a very light-hearted quality to him.


  8. Anna Frank (the youtube channel, BanannaSammich, that its posted on is mine)

    My location was changed to Lester Park. My whole idea was changed using a pikachu plush toy instead of my dog, due to the cold weather and her unwillingness to cooperate. The whole Idea of mine now is that this pikachu is strolling through the woods, where it falls into the snow, and is rescued by a passer-by. The only real change i made was cutting one of the earlier shots short and lengthening the last shot with the mustache mug.


  9. Sadie Ostwald

    The Glensheen Mansion was the choice for MASH’TASH. I work at this location and felt like it would be an interesting project to be able to bring to life the people, namely Chester and Clara the father and mother the family, that lived at Glensheen. The family originally moved in 1908 but the home still holds a scene of familiarity.

    Youtube refuses to upload the video with the proper time.


  10. Chase Dunbar

    The location I chose was the Skywalk section that crosses from downtown Duluth over 35W to the DECC in Canal Park. This is a special place for me because I live in this area and cross this bridge on a daily basis. I decided to shoot this area at night. I wanted to show this spot at night because the lights of Duluth are very vivid and aesthetically pleasing to the scene. I also find this hallway to be very erie at night. It is extremely long and lit up in an ominous way. I wanted to have a mobster scene shown in this empty hallway with the many lights shown in the background of the city. I feel like the color palette of this area gives a good serious mood to the situation, and worked perfectly for the purpose of my video.


  11. The Stewart Creek area is one of my favorite natural areas around the city of Duluth. Just past Spirit Mountain it is a short drive that offers a total escape from the city. My approach to the project was creating a dreamlike visual that is coherent with the removed feeling I enjoy about the area.


  12. Matt M
    I filmed at the Chester Park near the waterfall. I grew up near this area and I visited a lot. I know this place very well. It looks great during the warmer time of year but it also looks great during the winter. It is a great area to take a walk and look around. There are not too many people walking around during this time of year which helped with the filming but is also nice when you want to be in a quite area without traveling too far.



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