MASH’TASH Project / Intro + Rules

MASH’TASH Collaboration:

Reuben Irving (UWorcester, Digital Film Production and Animation students) and Joellyn Rock ( UMDuluth, Digital Art and Filmmaking students) plan a collaborative project to begin early in 2015. The project borrows from the aesthetics of remix (mash-ups), Dada and Surrealist games, setting a playful tone for the collaboration. Over the next few months students will engage in creative assignments to be shared and remixed in various ways. Projects will include digital art, sound and video clips that share characters/conflicts, facts/fictions, past/present/future lore about our locations. As locative media art, the project will use maps (google maps or other tools) to connect short videos to places in our local landscapes. In this way, our students will introduce each other to Duluth and Worcester. By sharing files electronically, they will also be encouraged to build on each others’ stories, scenerios, characters, and sense of place. All good games have rules: Each story must somehow include a character with a mustache. Hence the title of the project: Mash’tash ! The project should be launched this spring in some form that we can share easily on both sides of the pond. (Mash’tash wordpress site, map, and possible app!)


1. MASH’TASH projects must include a mustache

2. MASH’TASH projects may include any form of digital media (video, still, animation)

3. MASH’TASH projects must link to specific locations on map of Duluth or Worcester

4. MASH’TASH project location must have personal connection / meaning for student

5. MASH’TASH videos will be SHORTS / run time no longer than 30 seconds



• SELECT LOCATIONS: Place must mean something to you / USE Prompts / Brainstorm Options

• CAPTURE SOUND / CREATE CRASH STASH : Visit location to capture audio / make foley sounds

• CAPTURE VIDEO : Visit location to shoot and capture video / Integrate Story and Character elements

• Edit # 1 : Edit short video to 30 sec

• Upload #1 Edit to vimeo, ATTACH LINK to MAP of your region

• ALSO SHARE in DROPBOX folder / establish a VIDEO BANK for Video clips + vignettes, IMAGE BANK for digital art still images and illustrations, CRASH STASH for foley sounds and captured audio


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