Go See These at Zinema!

Zinema 2- twin arthouse cinema
Opening February 6th: Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live Action & Animation

This year’s Oscar nominated short films make their way to the Zinema next Friday! The Animated and Live Action shorts will run all week, with the Documentary shorts having a one-time only showing at 2pm on Sunday, Feb 8th.

Live Action: Parvaneh – 25 minutes / Boogaloo and Graham – 14 minutes / Aya – 39 minutes / The Phone Call – 21 minutes / Butter Lamp – 15 minutes

Animation: Me and My Moulton – 14 minutes / Feast – 6 minutes / The Bigger Picture – 7 minutes / A Single Life – 2 minutes / The Dam Keeper – 18 minutes / ADDITIONAL ANIMATED SHORTS: Sweet Cocoon – 6 minutes / Footprints – 4 minutes / Duet – 4 minutes / Bus Story – 11 minutes


2 thoughts on “Go See These at Zinema!

  1. I went and saw the animated film shorts. I thought they were pretty interesting and well done. There were two that I really liked and that stood out the most to me. One of them was called “Feast,” which included a dog that kept on eating all these unhealthy foods. I thought it was incredibly cute and well done. The overall filming of the short was what I liked most. I liked the different angles that they captured. I liked the lighting choices; the lighting choices followed the mood of the film. Another one that I really liked was called “Duet.” The thing I liked most is that it was contour line drawings that were animated. It was different from what I’ve been watching, and I enjoyed that. I also enjoyed the music that was used for the video; it went along great with the piece.


  2. I went to the animation shorts. I was really interested at how most of the shorts didn’t rely on dialogue, rather the music to set the tones. Only three shorts had conversation through out the whole thing. The styles of all them were different as well. The one I was most fascinated by was the short “The Bigger Picture” I like how you could see the painting quality. I noticed the one time when Richard shrugged his shoulders you could still see the blue under the white. I also liked how instead of keeping it flat the whole time they would extend the limbs outward and have dimension to the figures arm or to the things that they were holding. I found it funny how they showed that they were on a flat surface when the one brother opened the cabinet door where the brothers head was and they showed that his head was still placed on that surface when his body was not there. I personally enjoyed the Disney short, “Feast”. I have a thing for dogs and it was just so cute how the dog had such a personality.


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