Project 1 : Object of Desire

Digital Filmmaking: Visual Narratives
ART 2040 – sec 002   syllabus 
335 AB Anderson Hall

Project 1: Object of Desire / Light + Shots + Angles (20 sec)

Shoot on location in Duluth, capturing a sense of place, natural light, and a short narrative arc. Your video must include at least one person in addition to the “object of desire”. Create a short video with the subject “object of desire”. Use a variety of shot types and angles. (You must include least 10 different shots in 20 seconds) Use a tripod when shooting. Avoid handheld or camera movement of any kind. Focus on framing and composition of various shots. Subjects may move in or out of frame. Bring video clips to class next week for import and edit practice. Follow directions discussed in class. Your 20 second edit is DUE at the end of Class 2.

Examples of shots, angles and lighting:


resources: Camera Shots and Angles