Note Dates / Art2040 Fall16

Art 2040 Digital Filmmaking Semester Projects / due dates:

Project 1: Object of Desire (20 seconds) DUE Sept 7 – 14

Project 2: One Day / in one minute (30-60 seconds) 
Shoot on Sept 21, Clips DUE Sept 28, Edit DUE on October 5 
Note: on Wed Oct 12 Class meets in 24 Bohannon Hall MMADlab video studio for day as part of Creativity in Motion…Chromakey MMADlab shoot + Shakespeare Vignettes w dancers + actors from Theatre. Use studio cameras and chromakey green screen. Test camera shots using tripods, rigs, dollies, and various techniques for motion shots. (please upload raw clips from this session to Shakespeare Vignettes google folder by Friday Oct 19)
Project 3: Creativity in Motion  (share best rough clips early, your edit to one minute, Due Wed Nov 2)  Practice camera work in studio and performance settings. Work on getting a range of shot types, capturing with tripod for still camera and using rigs, dollies, and other techniques for motion shots.
You Choose Subject:
  • Shakespeare in Motion dance performance
  • Remixing Shakespeare Low concert
  • or other Artist in Motion subject
Project 4: Short Film PITCH / powerpoint DUE Wed Oct 19
Develop an idea for your final short film. Scout locations and logistics.
Pitch the project to the class. 10 slide Powerpoint pitch includes visual examples and inspiration.  (See details about Pitch project in other blog post.)

Vote for best ideas. Break into teams.


Project 5: Collaborative SHORT FILM Pre-Production + Shoot Schedule  

Team Planning on Wed Oct 26, Shoot dates during class: Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16 
All teams shooting done by Thanksgiving break
Work in teams on preproduction planning, and after greenlight, teams will be shooting on location (or in studio). This project should reflect your interests and aesthetic approach, work in any genre, either short fiction or documentary form. Flexible class schedule, but plan to regularly share progress during scheduled meetings w Joellyn and email update report after each shoot day.


Project 6: Your Final Edit / SHORT FILM 

(Rough edit DUE Wed Dec 7, Final edit DUE at Final Exam Time) 
Each student will edit their own final cut of the collaborative short film project. Diverging choices about sound, music, shot types, color, visual effects, and pacing of your individual edit are very instructive in the final screening. Please edit to 2 -4 minutes. No videos longer than 5 minutes will be accepted. Edit multiple director’s cuts to satisfy your curiosity about editing decisions.