Project 2: Abundance / Crowd-Sourced Video at the UMD Land Lab

Project 2: Abundance / Crowd-Sourced UMD Farm Documentary. This short project engages with the concept of community agriculture and crowd-sourced creativity. Visit the UMD Sustainable Agriculture Project Farm at least twice to shoot video of selected subject. Contribute rough clips to shared class folder. Using clips from the class folder, edit your own video portrait of the farm or festival to 30 seconds.

Filmmaking Class: Location shooting at UMD Land Lab /  Farm

WEDNESDAY Please meet in ABAH 335 classroom, then carpool to the farm.
SUNDAY  12-4pm Farm Fest Event
UMD Land Lab at 3568 Riley Road   DuluthMN
About the Land Lab
SHOOTING ON LOCATION: Please be aware to stay out of each other’s shots when possible. Try to be aware of how you impact each other.  🙂
At the site on WEDNESDAY, plan to shoot many short clips capturing the light and colors and textures of the farm, what grows there, who works there, etc  Choose a special focus for your shooting, and be sure to get many different shots and angles to capture what you need for a strong edit later. ALL YOUR BEST CLIPS need to get uploaded to the class folder by NEXT TUESDAY. I recommend you sort and upload your clips within 24 hours of shooting.
AT the site, on SUNDAY, during Farm Festival, plan to shoot shorter and longer clips that document the activities. Students can sign up to focus on the time between 12-2pm (short shots of food buffet, hands on activities, farmer’s market)  OR 2pm-4pm (I need multiple students to document the performance by Magic Smelt puppeteers and Brass Band with longer shots).
UMD Food Farm Festival on Sunday Sept 17 12-4pm