Pre-Production Planning

Art2040 Pitch Assignment resulted in 4 teams moving forward into production:

Before You Sleep : Pitch by Melissa, Team: Ben M, Emily

Costumed and Dangerous : Pitch by Micah, Team: Thomas A, Lizzy, Matthew

Project Manhattan (P.M.) : Pitch by Matt, Team: Wilson, Haley, Ben L

Letting Go : Pitch by Chris, Team: Megan, Thomas F

Each team must meet this week … Please follow instructions below to do pre-production work on your group film project and be ready to share your work on the pin up board next week to get your project “greenlighted”.
I suggest each group establish a folder on google drive titled: Art2040_Team_workingtitle
Please share this folder with everyone on your team AND with me ( )
Include your preproduction shot lists, script, location photos, and other planning in the folder.
Each group will fill the board with their Pre-Production plan…including an outline of dates and locations and tasks for each shoot day. The team must show that they have discussed and worked on the many pre-production tasks below:
• Shooting Script (even if your project has very little dialog, you still need a script  that outlines the story / action). For a short film, this should be no more than 3 pages long.
• Shot lists for each shoot (Break down the story into shoot dates / locations. Note each shot you want to be sure to get. Include cutaways and ambient sound and visuals to remind yourself to capture a variety of shots that will help when editing later)
• Photos of locations (scout and shoot your stills horizontally in movie format! Discuss issues with light at each location. Look at ways you may need to dress the set, or art direct the location.)
• Storyboard multiple shots for each scene (Storyboarding helps you think through interesting angles and makes sure you get the wide, medium, and closeup shots you need. It really helps you communicate with each other about what you want to capture on location. You should cross check your  shot lists with storyboards.)
• Casting plan (If you need an actor, you can ask the Theatre department how to do a casting call. It is very important to coordinate your cast with your shoot dates / times. If an actor can’t make the times, find someone else. Get a firm commitment, discuss costume / clothing, color palette, makeup. On a no-budget student film, the actors may want to help with costuming.)
• Equipment plan (What cameras, tripods, steady cams, dollies, lights, sound equip will you use? who gets the equipment and tests it? and who operates it on each shoot?)
• Team roles and crew assignments Who directs each shoot (you may choose to take turns) ? Who works with actors? Who wrangles equipment? Who runs cameras, lights, sound? Who gathers props and costumes? Who checks continuity? Who drives to locations? Who secures permissions? Who coordinates team communication?
To get Greenlighted, you must prove you have done all the pre-production planning!

No Film School is a great resource for beginning filmmakers. Full of tips, tricks, and smart examples. Here is a link to their recent collection of useful forms for pre-production planning and other tasks…


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