Fall 2014 / Final Project Reflections

Please post your final project reflection to the blog here

Your Name:

Project Title: Run Time:

Credits /your collaborators and their roles:

Link to your project on Vimeo:

Describe your own creative process, activities and tasks: (such as:
 research, location scouting, test shooting, etc)
What equipment did you use? What shot choices did you make? 
What challenges came up and how did you meet them?
Did you create any special effects or animation? 
How did you work with sound, music, voice-over?
Reflect upon your final edit of the short film project.
What aesthetic and technical choices did you make to create a work?
 What choices of shot types, rhythm, pacing, cuts and transitions did 
you make as an editor?
 How do you think these choices support the emotions or ideas you hope
to communicate to your audience?
How did you create solutions when technical problems came up? 
What works best about your edit of the final project?
 What might you do differently if you had more time and experience?

Film Noir / Blog Assignment

Students in Art2040 were asked to view a Film Noir movie in preparation for the Opera Fatale project this semester.

Please post to the blog here…
1- your name
2- title of Film Noir you viewed / director, year / link to film info
3- short response to the film / what you found most compelling about the film
4- what you noticed about the camera shots, angles and lighting / how you tried to integrate and apply the approach to your Opera Fatale scene

SOPHRONIA at Duluth Depot on TH Sept 11

Traveling Sophronia / Multimedia Installation

7-9pm on Thursday Sept 11, 2014

Duluth Art Institute / Depot Great Hall

506 West Michigan Street in the Duluth Depot


Sophronia will follow the 5-7pm exhibit opening of

Signs & Wonders by Jim Klueg and Fatih Benzer

Don’t miss both events!

The Sophronia Project is a digital media installation and interactive performance by artist Joellyn Rock, multimedia composer Kathy McTavish, netprov creator Rob Wittig and a gang of collaborators. Electronic music by Tobin Dack. The collaborative project offers both physical and virtual space where participants may spin their own stories of Sophronia. On the walls, the graffiti angel mixes text and digital imagery gleaned from the project database… In a glowing tent, the audience can play along with projected video and digital animations to become part of the carnival… Come see what is illuminated when these two half-cities collide!

THANKS: Sophronia was first presented at Northern Spark 2014 with the support of Northern Lights.mn and the Walker Art Center. Special thanks to the Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab at University of Minnesota Duluth. Joellyn Rock is a fiscal year 2014 recipient of a Career Development grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (www.aracouncil.org) which is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, Minnesota State Legislature, and The McKnight Foundation.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1515379808673708/

More info at http://robwit.net/sophronia/
Sophronia Credits:

multimedia projections by Joellyn Rock, Kathy McTavish

additional video by Lane Ellis and Lizzy Siemers

additional digital art by students in Digital Art : Mixed-Media Studio

soundscape by Kathy McTavish

electronic music by Tobin Dack

set decorating by Ann Gumpper

tech support by Ben Harvey

words by Rob Wittig, Kathleen Roberts, Sheila Packa, Katelynn Monson, Mark Marino and #sophroniatwo on twitter

silhouette performances by Cathy Podeszwa, Emma Harvie, Gary Kruchowski, Lizzy Siemers, Jamie Harvie, Jay Sivak, Joellyn Rock, Rob Wittig and you!