At the window / Exercise #1

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Exercise #1  At the window…Voiceover + Chromakey Test

Write a short voiceover for the narrator of a scene including one actor who looks out a window onto another scene… (100 words max). What s/he sees out the window is up to you… (fantasy or reality) but you need to be able to create the scene in a few short video shots. (So think about winter scenes, unless you have some other video or can photoshop a fantasy.)

Questions to ask yourself? What is the character’s connection to the interior and exterior of this location? What mood do you want to create in this short scene? How would you light the interior shot? How would you start the scene? How would you have the character move? How would you transition between the interior and exterior shot? What would be out the window? How would you capture the exterior shot? How would you capture the view from the window?


WINDOWS > Examples of windows used in movies:

EXAMPLES of Shots, angles and lighting:

Storyboard 8 key moments in this short scene, from the camera view. Use a combination of shot types and angles possible with this set up.

Write the short voiceover script (100 words max). Email the script to Joellyn ( ) by Tuesday. Put in your subject line: YOUR NAME and AT THE WINDOW

Exercise #1  At the window…Voiceover + Chromakey Test





If this was…

If this was a story about my life, it would be a ___________________ (genre / style), created by _________________________________ (artist/ director).
The story about my life would be ____________________ ________________________________________ (describe visual qualities and emotional tone). It would be set in _______________ (era) in ___________________ (location). The pace of the story would be _________________, the camera work would be ______________________.
It would be the story of _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
(short synopsis). In the project, my ________________ (family member) would be played by _____________________ (actor) and __________________ (actor) would play the love interest.
In the climax of the story, _________________________ would happen. This scene would feel very ______________(emotion) and be visually _________________ (look). The audience would be most surprised by the ending, when I _________________________________________________________.