a 2 week, small team project

SHOOT TIME in class on WED Feb 10

EDIT TIME in class on WED Feb 17 

EDIT DUE by Tues Feb 23  (Upload to class folder + google drive)

1 to 2 minutes long (not a second longer)

1 to 2 scenes (2 locations connected by a window)

1 to 2 characters

1 to 2 lines (captured audio voice, but should include additional sound)

This Short Film Project asks you to expand on what you learned about the potential of storytelling with a window. Please work in teams of 2 if possible to develop a 1 to 2 minute short that includes a window and a transition between two scenes. Your short should integrate:  A window, 1 to 2 characters, 1 to 2 locations, and 1 to 2 lines of spoken script (dialog, monolog or voiceover). 

Develop a short narrative that includes a change or transformation which moves the story forward. Select locations and shoot times over the next two weeks. Create a deliberate start and end to the work. Please test and integrate a variety of shot types (shoot at least 10 different shot types / camera angles for use in your final edit.) Each team member will edit their own version of the short video and craft the sound to match the mood and pace of their edit.


About storyline:

What are the characters’ connections to the interior and exterior locations? What do the characters want? (What do they wear? What do they do? What do they say? How do they move?) What happens physically? What happens emotionally? What is the emotional change or transformation that occurs from one scene to the next?

About cinematic vision:

What must the camera capture in each scene? What shots establish your location and perspective? What shots will give texture to the settings? What shots will deliver the emotion / mood of each moment? How will you light the interior shot? How does it start? How does it end? How would you transition between the interior and exterior shot? How will you capture sound? What additional sound will enhance this short?


EXAMPLES of windows used in movies:      EXAMPLES of Shots, angles and lighting:

SHOTS…Camera Framing: Extreme Long Shot (ELS), Long Shot (LS) or Wide Shot (WS),
Medium Shot (MS), Close-up (CU), Extreme Close-up (ECU), Over-the-Shoulder Shot…
Camera Angles: Bird’s Eye View, High Angle, Eye Level, Low Angle, Canted Angle, Subjective Angle (Point of View)…